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Expressive Arts and Design

Expressive arts and design is used to develop a child's imagination, creativity and their ability to use media and materials. Children do this in range of ways including singing songs and making music, dancing, playing with colours, textures and design. All these approaches to expressive arts help children to represent and understand their own feelings and ideas.

Why not make some friendship bracelets with your child. They can think about their friends and family, who they may not be able to see at the moment, and make gifts for them.

Active learning - Friendship bracelets

  • Children concentrate and become immersed while learning the meaning of left and right.
  • They practise their ‘keep trying’ skills.
  • Children make an object to be proud of – ‘enjoying achieving what they set out to do’.

You will need coloured yarn in a choice of colours and clip boards if available.

Cut three lengths of yarn approximately 60 cm long and double over. Wrap the folded end of yarn over your finger and tie a knot to create a loop. You can attach the loop of yarn to a clip board, or use a drawing pin and fix it to a table top in order to keep it nicely in place while plaiting.

Next, show and help children to make a plait, introducing the use of ‘left’ and ‘right’ while bringing yarn over from alternate sides. Once it is long enough, tie a knot at the end of your plait. Tie it round the child's wrist by pushing the end of yarn through the loop.

Your child might like to wear their bracelet, give their friendship bracelet to a family member – or save it for a friend.

Food preparation activity - Friendship Biscuits

To make friendship biscuits you will need plain biscuits, icing sugar and decorations to make face shapes (hundreds and thousands, strawberry laces, raisins, etc.).

  • Mix some icing (icing sugar and a little water) so that it is not too runny, then help the children put a dollop on top of their biscuit and smooth it out
  • Tell the children to try to make the face of one of their friends or a family member on their biscuit, helping as needed

Have fun!

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